Is your home really safe? Your home should be a place where you can keep you and your family safe. Having burglars to enter your house is terrifying and nobody wants it.

Burglary is one of the most common crimes that happen in our homes. And it happens mostly during the daytime when people go out to work.

How do you make your home more secure? There are many things you can do to protect your home from break-ins;

Be In Your Home

As I mentioned it before, most criminals choose to break-in a house when people are away. What you can do is keep your house looking occupied by using automatic light timers to trick potential intruders into thinking you are home. You can also add movement by using light that can create an illusion.

Be friendly with your neighbors and ask them to pick up newspapers or mail when you are away. Having mailbox full of newspaper help invaders to know that you are away.

safeEnvironment Safe

The environment around your house is important. Avoid tall and thick shrubs around your house. Remember that trees, shrubs, and fences that keep your home private can also conceal intruders.

Avoid showing expensive things. If you have a luxury car, keep it in the garage. Keep newly purchased items out of sight. And keep the expensive furniture away from windows so that no one can see it from outside.

Break-In Safe

The simplest way to keep your home safe has always locked the door. The lock should be hardened steel and have an anti-saw pin that makes it difficult for a thief to saw. Never hide keys outside your home.

An invisible security film should be attached if you have windows or glass panels nearby the door. Because these can be easy access for a burglar if they break the glass and reach to unlock the door.

Besides having invisible security film, security screens for doors and windows is another choice. It can keep your house safe as well as keep insects away.

Down Under Screens provide a high tensile 7mm expanded aluminum security mesh, quality powder coat finishes and heavy-duty extruded aluminum which make your house secure. They have Security screens and doors in Brisbane made with marine-grade fine stainless steel mesh. It works best for protecting your home effectively and affordably without ruining your home’s outlook.

securitySecurity System

Although security system may not guarantee safety, having it can make it harder for invaders to break in.

Choose a home security system that uses motion detectors and installs it at windows or doors that can be accessed. Remove the name of the security company as invaders can search for information and disable it. Remember that you should never write your passcode next to or on the home security alarm keypad.

Know Your Neighbors

The best way to keep your neighborhood safe is watching out for each other. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to help you out when you are away. Find more information on how to look out each other from Neighbourhood Watch Australia.