Having a comfortable place to work is an essential component of being happy and productive in your job, so ensuring your environment suits your needs should be something that is considered important.  There are many reasons why you might want to improve the look of your workspace, but perhaps the ceiling isn’t something that you’ve readily considered.  A suspended ceiling could offer you the simple and effective upgrade you didn’t realise you needed, but if you aren’t sure, read on.

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Easy to install and maintain

Suspended ceilings are very simply to install as it simple requires securing the fixings in the correct formation and installing the tiles.  It is a task that any intermediate to advance DIYer could have a very good go at.  However if you want a professional job or simply aren’t able or willing to try it yourself then always seek the services of a professional company such as Alpha Ceilings and Partitions to make sure the job is done properly.  Once the ceiling is installed, any damage caused just means replacing one low cost tile and the ceiling will look as good as new.

Insulation and concealment

Not only will a suspended ceiling hide pipes, cabling and other ducting that might be attached to the main ceiling, they can also offer added insulation.  By adding fibreglass or other materials above the suspended ceiling you can increase your heat retention and soundproofing without the expense of cladding.

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Easily customisable

Suspended ceilings give you the framework to customise in any way you wish.  There are a wide range of coloured tiles available and you can mix and match to create any design you could possibly want without repainting every time.  The tiles are also easy to cut so they can be fitted into non-standard spaces and this also means that installing extra lighting is a simple task.

A few points to watch out for

There are many benefits to a suspended ceiling, but you also need to be aware that there are a few caveats to choosing this option.  A suspended ceiling takes up quite a lot of space, so if you have a low ceiling already, then this might not be a good option for you as it will make your room feel smaller.  They are also not as durable as traditional ceilings given their construction and whereas it is simple enough to replace damaged or degraded tiles, it is not something that your would normally have to contend with with a normal ceiling.

Even with these few points of mild concern, a suspended ceiling can still offer a simple and cost effective facelift to your office space.  It can be surprising how much a space feels invigorated and revitalised simply by hiding an unsightly mess of cables and ducting on the ceiling.  It can also move the space away from feeling industrial or multipurpose to feeling far more like an office and this can have a very positive effect on those working there.