pool-959977_640There is nothing better than having your own private home swimming pool, especially for when summer comes around and you’re having an awesome family BBQ and a couple of drinks. You can bring everyone together, friends and family alike and have a wonderful time, splashing around and enjoying yourselves. Though like it or not, being the owner of a swimming pool is a very big responsibility and it is your duty to ensure that you are creating a safe environment for anyone who is using your pool.

Ways to ensure that your home pool is a safe and hazard-free environment

Over the last decade roughly 340 Australian children under the age of 6 have drowned, 50% of which were in their home swimming pools. All of these are preventable; it just requires some due diligence from private swimming pool owners to ensure that they are creating a safe environment. One of the most effective ways of strengthening the security for your swimming pool is by installing frameless glass pool fencing. Fencing surrounding your swimming pool and effective supervision are two very viable means of preventing fatalities and keeping these tragic events at zero.

You can find a wealth of information online that will clearly tell you what kind of checks you will need to carry out to ensure that your pool’s safety is up to par. Here are just a few of the features that you will need to double check on the regular: Swimming Pool Gate, Pool Fence, Pump, Grates and Suction, Chemicals and Electricity.

It’s all very well having a fence installed around your swimming pool though if you leave things lying around that can be climbed on it will all be for nothing. For example your recycling been might be stood against the fence, this creates an easy opportunity for children to climb up over the fence and have access to the danger area unsupervised. Always be on the look-out for possible hazards, it is very easy to forget and become complacent with the maintenance and safety of your pool but it is that laziness that can cost the lives of your children.

Ensure that your children are under supervision at all times, especially if you are hosting a pool party where there are plenty of other children. It is advised that you have one person who is in charge of watching the pool at all times, share this responsibility out between the other adults. It is also advised that any young children or inexperienced swimmers are to wear a life-vest so as to ensure their safety; unless of course there is an adult in the swimming pool with them at all times.

Also, be sure to keep the water clean and clear, using the correct chemicals and maintaining the appropriate levels, circulation and filtration. If you regularly test this and keep everything in check you will significantly reduce the risk of the pool users coming out in rashes or suffering from infection and disease.

Finally, set up some pool rules and enforce them! While nobody likes a party-pooper, there is nothing that can spoil every body’s fun quite as effectively as injury or worse.