Do you own a property? Want to earn passive and stable income? Why not rent out your rooms and/or apartments? I’m sure you’ve heard of Airbnb, so why not make use of it, invest in getting rooms and apartments?  

Airbnb is an online platform that allows travellers to book a place to stay during their vacation. This allows people with apartments, houses and rooms to rent to travellers and make some income from it. Airbnb provides convenient accommodation but at the same time, it is also a great option for owners to generate returns on their property. 

house sellingYour time can be stressful especially when you did not plan well or your funds start to run out. This is why you need to plan properly and ensure that you have a passive income going into your bank account. life can be full of enjoyment if you have adequate funds and a great plan.  

So how do you make use of Airbnb to invest and gain passive income? 


First, you will need to convert your property to an Airbnb business. It is definitely not difficult and very profitable. If hundreds of thousands of people can do it, why can’t you? However, it is important to note that Airbnb is not a passive income by itself, there are tons of time involved in fulfilling your guests’ requests. However, it is possible to turn your Airbnb business into a passive income by engaging various Airbnb property management. They will settle everything for you, from guest check-in and check-out to cleaning the place. This will make sure that your Airbnb business will be able to turn from a not-so passive income to an entirely passive income business. 

Some useful tips 

Here I will list some useful tips for you to take note of when turning your property into a successful Airbnb business.  

ceiling officeFirst, ensure that you have clear photographs of your property. It should be as attractive as possible. Focus on the areas that guests will love and will most likely use. Focus on getting the best out of your property and make it as attractive as possible. Remember to decorate it, make it look new and renovated.  

Secondly, ensure that you listed down all the advantages when staying at your property. This can include you listing the various places of attractions near your place, the mode of transport available to and fro your property and the distance to the nearest public transportation stations. It is also good to list down the various equipment in your property that they can use and clearly state the rules of your property. 

Kitchen stoneThirdly, provide all kinds of equipment that a guest can ask for. You can include having a washing machine, dishwasher, barbeque grills and free WIFI in your property to make it more attractive. 

It is important to think like how a traveller will be looking to rent a place. Think of what they will need and what they will want to have in a rented apartment.