Time is a cruel mistress, and one that affects everything and everyone slowly and insidiously.  There is no defeating it, and ultimately the signs will start to show, no matter how hard you fight.  This is a very grandiose and slightly depressing way of saying that everything ages and eventually shows signs of wear and tear, no matter how sturdy it might initially seem to be.  Understanding this fact is a part of growing up, but just because we are aware that things age does not mean that we have to accept that fact.  In your home, if the paint looks a bit tired then you repaint it, if paving slabs are a bit worn you either pressure wash them or replace them.  The same is true of swimming pools, if they are showing signs of being tired and worn out, then it is time to renovate them!  But what are some of these signs that you should be looking out for?

pool renovation

It is dated

If you have a pool that has been around for a while, then a lot of its key features might be fairly dated.  The pump and filtration systems, the surfacing and the safety features could all need bringing into the 21st century so that your pool is equipped for the next generation.  The existing features may well still be functional, but there are almost certainly better alternatives available now that could save money or even lives in the long run.

Surface cracks

The waterproof surface of your pool is quite an important facet, and if it starts to age past a certain point then it is going to begin to break down and crack, the tiles grout could come away and even whole tiles could start coming off.  If this is isolated then it is easily remedied, but when the problem is more wholesale then it is time to call in a swimming pool resurfacing company.  They will be able to redo the entire pool and make the surface as good as new whilst giving it a brand new lease of life.  Imperfections in the pool surface can also be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria that can cause sickness in people, so it’s always best to get them taken care of.

swimming pool

Inefficiency / dirty pipes

If your filtration system is inefficient or the piping is dirty and the standard cleaning procedures are no longer working as well as they once did, then this is probably due to degradation in the overall system.  This is inevitable over time and making sure that you identify when this is happening and take steps to renovate the system is an essential part of the care of your pool and swimmers.  Upgrading your pumping and filtration systems can also save you money in the long run by using more efficient, modern designs.

Once a pool gets to a certain point, these kinds of works are going to be required.  Fortunately many are a once in 20+ years situation, so it is best to handle them before the damage escalates and the costs rise along with it.