Unfortunately there comes a time when we find evidence of rodents in our homes and need to clean up after them. However, unlike a lot of other types of cleaning, there are many precautions that need to be taken when treating areas which have been exposed to rats and mice. Rodent urine and droppings can cause very harmful viruses and so you need to take a lot of care when dealing with them.

Another thing to consider before even tackling the clean-up is to lay traps around your home. Otherwise, you might be going to the trouble of cleaning up something only for it to return almost immediately. Regardless of whether you do this or not take the time to read these pointers on how to safely sanitise your home.

Remove the Urine or Droppings

You need to wear a pair of rubber gloves whenever you are cleaning up after rodents. Get some disinfectant or water down some bleach to about 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Get some kitchen roll and pick up the remnants of what the rats or mice have deposited. Take the time to then further disinfect any items or surfaces which have been exposed to the droppings or urine.


Thoroughly Disinfect

Next, take out a mop and thoroughly disinfect the whole place where you found the droppings or urine. Make sure to extend this area out as far as possible. To ensure you fully clean anywhere which potentially still has traces of the dirt and harmful viruses. If the problem areas are on furniture then you will need to shampoo or steam clean the problem spots. If you are cleaning clothing then clean it with detergent in very hot water to aid with the cleaning process. Only once having totally finished disinfecting, throw away the rubber gloves and give your hands a very good clean. It goes without saying that you should never touch anywhere on your body whilst wearing your gloves, particularly the eyes and mouth, so be cautious if you get an itch.


Removing Dead Rodents

If you come across a dead body then you will need to remove it as soon as possible. As before make sure you wear gloves and apply disinfectant or watered down bleach on the body and surrounding area. You should now leave this to soak for at least 5 minutes. Pick up the rodent and place it in a thick plastic bagged and seal it tightly shut. Take this and put it in an outdoor bin. Then thoroughly clean the area after disposing of the body. As before take off your gloves and thoroughly wash your hands afterward.

Seek Professional Help if Necessary

If you have an indication that the rodents are still on your property you should seek the help of rat or mice pest control. Specialists such as Twin Bays pest control will eliminate the problem for you and hopefully, this will mean that your pest infestation is completely removed from the property and no subsequent cleanups will be required.