There is truth in the old sentiment that it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference.  Whether it is a simple act of kindness, a hand on the shoulder or holding a door for someone; small gestures can make a big difference to someone’s day.The same is often true of tools, quite often it is the simplest tools that most effective.  This is not to say that you can’t improve on the classics; a hammer is about as effective at getting a nail in as it can possible be, but a nail gun will undoubtedly do it with less effort.  Regardless most people probably have a hammer at home whereas not many will have a nail gun.  The point is that simple things often make our lives easier, and whilst that might not be perfect they can certainly do the job.

Gardening is supposed to be a relaxing hobby for most, so surely having some simple things to help with the ‘relaxing’ work can’t be a bad thing.  So here are a few simple ideas that will undoubtedly help make weeding just a little bit easier.

Kneeling pad

Weeding and planting will keep you on your knees for hours and that can really take its toll, so getting something as simple as a kneeling pad to cushion your knees will make a big difference.  Not only will it soften the pressure on your knees, it will allow you to adjust how to position yourself and redistribute your weight to better support your back.  On top of that, it means you don’t have to kneel in the wet grass and mud.

Small trailer

Being an avid gardener you probably make countless trips to the local waste disposal centre to get rid of your garden waste.  If this is the case, then save yourself the effort of getting bags in and out of your car and invest in a simple trailer.  It doesn’t have to be very big, you probably won’t need an extension to your driving license to tow it and it means you can simply load up one bigger thing instead of lots of little ones.  Aluminium is the material to go for as it won’t rust and some simple searching can help you find the best aluminium trailers for a great price.

truck rampLoading ramp

If the trailer sounds like an attractive idea, then you should consider getting a loading ramp as well.  This will allow you to fill a wheelbarrow in the garden and simply roll it up to your trailer and tip it out.  As with trailers, the highest quality loading ramps are usually aluminium.

Twist Weeder

Twist Weeders are an amazingly simple idea.  They comprise of a set of slightly curved forks arranged in a circle and you push them into the ground over the weed and then simply rotate it.  The weeder will practically remove the weed for you and all you need to do is lift it free and throw it in your wheelbarrow.  Job done!