It’s never been more important than it is today, to go green as a business. There are a number of reasons for this. However, the two which are the most attractive are: A) to help your business grow and bolster your brand image. B) to do your part for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Those seem like two very good reasons to get on board the environmentally friendly train, do they not? So, if you’re keen on cleaning up your business and going green, then we’ve got some awesome tips to share with you today. Simple steps that you can take, in order to create a less impactful, and ultimately more profitable business.

1 – Crowdsource with your employees

Before you make any changes, have a meeting with your employees and let them know that “going-green” is now a part of your company culture. Ask them for ideas, and spit-ball some new and exciting ways that you can reduce your collective carbon footprint together.

You can have a lot of fun with this, and you’ll be surprised by some of the incredible ideas that your employees can bring to the table.

2 – Switch to LED lights

LED lights use approximately 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. If you haven’t switched already, we would wholeheartedly recommend it! You will not only be reducing your carbon footprint but saving an awful lot on your monthly bills as well!

3 – No more plastic packaging

There’s no need to use so much plastic any more. Particularly when there are so many . There much be a way to evolve the way that you package your products without the use of plastic. If you can find a way to do so effectively, your business can benefit greatly from the positive change.


4 – Only associate yours with other green businesses

You should be advocating non-toxic products, and organic produce, if you truly wish to make a difference. As such, you should only be associating your business with green and environmentally friendly companies.

5 – Promote a healthier working environment and lifestyle to your employees

A healthier team will work harder and more efficiently. Now, you shouldn’t be preachy or tell your employees how they need to live their lives. What they do outside of work is their business. However, when in work, you can offer healthier alternatives.


6 – Do your part for charity

In any capacity, charitable work is admirable. If you can your employees can find a way to host a charity event, or raise awareness regarding climate change, you’ll be making a big difference. <

7 – Recycle what you can

Try to reduce the amount of waste that you produce as a company. Again, crowdsource for other ideas from your employees and see what you can reuse and recycle effectively.


This should be enough to get you started! However, if you need help from a consultant in order to really make a big difference in the way that your company operate, then a company like Access Environmental Planning can be of assistance. There are many little things like the tips listed above that you can adopt, but if you really want to make a difference, a wholesome approach will be required.