Finding earthmoving machinery for hire such as mini excavators is not a difficult task however, should you really be doing the sort of work you need it for yourself? I would recommend that you always turn to a qualified and experienced professional for such work. Even the most minor jobs can quickly go awry and the consequences can be considerable, not to mention costly. You could end up causing serious damage to hidden pipework or structural damage to your property through even the most minor mistakes. 

So my suggestion would be, you should always get earthmoving contractors to operate machinery for you. Yes, it might cost a little bit more of a cost upfront however you will be safe in the knowledge that it will get done correctly and safely without any hidden expenses. These are just a handful of reasons why I can’t understand why anyone would even ever consider doing it themselves.


Unless you have been working within the earthmoving or construction industry in the past you will not have anywhere near the same levels of experience operating the equipment as a professional contractor. Sometimes experience can outweigh technical knowledge and have witnessed or tackled a problem and dealt with issues before can be invaluable. Not only will professionals know how to avoid potential setbacks but they will also know exactly what to do if a situation arises because they will undoubtedly have experienced before. In addition to this, a professional who has worked in the industry will have alternate options available to you that you may not have even considered to make use of the expertise rather than going in blind and trusting yourself.



Unless you are hiring the smallest earthmoving equipment you will need to have certain licenses and have been through a great many hours training before you are eligible to use it. The worst possible thing you can do is borrow equipment off a friend you know as you will not be able to operate it safely and if you get caught by the local authorities behind the wheel of machinery you are not trained to use it can lead to severe repercussions. Regardless of the legal implications, the professional contractors you can hire will have had more than the bare requisite earthmoving training and will be having this refreshed periodically. Quality training allows an operator to react without thinking and to ensure that everything is done in the safest possible manner.


Imagine that you have decided that you just want to use a mini excavator to move some debris from outside your house and you have a mishap; your foot slips off the break and you collide into the exterior wall of your property. Any damage which you cause will be uninsured because you will not have the relevant cover to use the equipment. You could end up in a horrendous situation where you have caused vast swathes of damage and will have to find the funds to fix it, all for the sake of saving a few bucks. All reputable, professional earthmoving contractors will be fully insured so if something unfortunate does happen it will be them who has to cover it rather than yourself. Not only will it be less likely that an incident occurs but you won’t have to deal with the financial consequences.