For some house owners, repairing their own house is challenging work and is fun to do. Today we provide some tips for house fixing that you can try doing yourself.

Toilet Flush Lever

A broken toilet lever usually happens due to loose toilet pieces. It is easy to fix a toilet lever by just opening up the tank, adjusting the flush lever to be more secure then reattaching the chain. In some cases, it is caused by a corroded handle or broken off connecting pieces such as handles, metal rods or chains. You can change the broken pieces to new ones to make your toilet flush well again.

Leaking Kitchen and Bathroom Pipes

Commonly, pipes leak under toilet and kitchen sinks. It can be caused by the decaying of the washer or broken pieces in the pipes. The first thing that you can do is stop the water from the sink and shut off the valve nearby it.

Find a bucket to place underneath the pipe then twist the pipe out from the white compression nuts. Rinse the dirty water from P-trap. Replace the P-trap or the washer then screw it back on. Try to turn on the water again to see the result.

fixFixing Windows

If your windows need glass repair, here is what you should do it fix them by yourself. First, remove all cracked pieces from your window. Remember to wear protective gloves when working with glass work. Then, remove the old window frame and place it on a flat surface. Next, remove the broken glass. Glass can cut you even if you wear gloves, so pick up the broken pieces one-by-one.

Use heat to soften the putty in stubborn areas by blowing a hairdryer around it. Once you have removed all of the old putty and the glazier’s points, use a knife to smoothen around the surface.

If you are applying glass into an old window frame, coat the area with linseed oil. Linseed oil is important because it maximizes the life of the putty, which holds the window pane in place.

For glass replacement, you need to cut the glass into the exact size needed to completely fit it in the frame. When you are ready to place the glass, you may need a partner to hold the other side of the glass for you. Insert Glazier’s points every 4 inches on each side to firmly secure the pane.

Glass repair requires experience for fixing. If you are not sure you can do it or not, you had better call professionals to take care of it for you. See them work and do it by yourself next time!

tubApplying Caulk

Caulk is a rubbery line that’s applied between a tub, shower, wall, and toilet. It works like glue. Its purpose is to protect the floors and walls from moisture. Caulk can be discoloured and washed away over time.

Before getting any work done, you have to remove the old caulk. Applying it right away will not allow the caulk to stick to the area. There are many products on the market which can be used to soften the old caulk. Use a knife to remove the leftover caulk and clean the area with paint thinner. Let it dry completely.

Next, you come to the applying stage. You can choose to apply with a gun or standard tube caulk which require a little experience so you had better buy it for practice first. Remember to cut the tube to the precise width as you have to fit it in areas.

There is also readymade caulk that you only need to lay down and press to fit if you are not confident or want to do it quicker.