When it comes to home improvements, DIY projects are always a fun project to undertake. Designing things from scratch doesn’t just give you the opportunity to whip up something unique, it’s also extremely satisfying when the project is complete.

If you’re looking for the raw materials to construct your own items, then closed cell foam is a material that you’ll most certainly come across.

What is Closed Cell Foam?

Closed cell foam is a dense, rubbery type of solid foam. Solid foams comes in two main forms; closed cell and open cell. In closed cell foams the gas pockets that make up the body of the material are completely surrounded by polyurethane (or a similar material such as quantum foamXPS foam, phenolic, polystyrene, neoprene or polypropylene foam.), whereas open cell foam is less uniformed and has gas pockets that connect together. You can think of a camping mat as an example of closed cell foam, and a bath sponge as an example of open cell foam.

Closed cell foams have several advantages over open cell foams, these include more strength, greater resistance to liquids and higher R-value – the measurement of thermal resistance.

Close cell foams have many applications including insulation, shock absorbing, floatation devices, packaging and padding. It’s also widely used in household items such as floor mats, wall panels, mattresses, pillows and furniture.

Soft and flexible, the closed cell structure of the material keeps all forms of liquid and moisture out, which makes it extremely durable, and super easy to clean. These properties make the material very versatile and thus, it’s often the material of choice for many different uses.

Where to buy Closed Cell Foam?

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