If there’s one thing that we never grow out of, it’s enjoying an awesome house-party and get together with a bunch of great people, enjoying good food and plenty of booze. The problem is, as we grow older the term ‘house-party’ has negative connotations, because you think about that time you’ve mate threw one while his parents were away, and the house got trashed. Well, fortunately as you get older, you can throw a successful house party without putting your home at risk of being destroyed by childish strangers that can’t handle their drink. Instead you can try something a little more up-market, such as a casino theme for your house party. – In which case, the house always wins.

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1 – Be Selective with Who You Invite

It might sound mean, leaving certain people out, – though if you want to throw a memorable bash where everyone feels comfortable and at ease; then you need to be careful with who you invite. Your friend John from school might be an old pal, but if he’s a bit of a social hand-grenade and doesn’t mix well with others then it might be worth giving him a miss. Remember that the key to a successful house party is to ensure that everyone is happy and well-accommodated for.

casino2 – Choose a Theme for Your Party

You can’t go wrong with a themed party! Whether you’re throwing a special Christmas party, a birthday bash or just purely for the sake of having some good old-fashioned fun; a great theme always adds to the enjoyment. Our recommendation would be to select a casino theme for your house party. – This way, everyone can get dressed up to the nines, you can play some classic swing and jazz and serve up some of the finest cocktails. The fact that you can have genuine casino tables with hire croupiers there makes it feel like the real deal and your guests will have an incredible time!

3 – Invite Your Neighbours

OK, so this isn’t always applicable, as you may well live next door to an 80-year-old woman who lives alone…In which case you should definitely consider keeping the noise down. That being said, if you think that you and your other guests can tolerate your neighbours then it is definitely worth inviting them. That way you don’t have to worry so much about keeping the noise down! There’s nothing worse than having an incredible time with your friends, only to have to cut it short because your neighbour can’t deal with the fact that other people are having fun without them.

4 – Select a Banging Playlist

There’s always the option of hiring a DJ, but if you’ve got a casino theme for your house party then you’re better off with some old school music to really set them tone. Head over to Spotify or iTunes and start putting together the best possible playlist. Ideally, you’d want something that is long enough to play all evening, with the potential of switching to a more upbeats playlist as things begin to get messier!

Stick to these simple steps and you will be well on your way to having the most memorable party that will be referenced amongst your friends for years to come!