Outdoor awnings are fantastic features for properties. They allow you to enjoy the benefit of additional shade both inside and out or to have an undercover shelter outside for when it is raining. However, as with anything which is external to the property, it will need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Failure to do so will reduce its lifespan, make it quickly become aesthetically displeasing and potentially outright break or jam.

I remember the one my parents had above our French window for a couple of years it was a fantastic addition to the patio area but due to the fact that nobody ever cleaned it, firstly it became a dirty green colour and then when attempting to open it one summer it quickly became apparent that it had seized. Then, my little brother and I had the unenviable task of removing it. I know that if I get one for a house in future I will certainly be giving it a regular clean to maximize its longevity and to avoid having to take it down.

So how do you go about cleaning an outdoor awning? Very small ones can be simply removed but this is not always the case. Here’s a quick rundown of how to spruce up and maintain your awning as best as possible.

Soap & Warm Water

Whilst you could buy all manner of different cleaning materials they can be successfully cleaned by just using soap or washing up liquid and slightly warmed water. If you do wish to use a specific cleaning product make sure it is suitable for your awning’s material. But as I’ve just said you can achieve a perfectly good clean with just a 50/50 mix of soap and water. Put it in a spray bottle and you’re good to go.

Brush Off the Physical Dirt

Your outdoor awning will have gathered dust, debris, spider webs and the like which if dry can likely be brushed off. So using a long-handled brush simply sweep as much detritus off as you possibly can. This will make the next stage much simpler.

awningScrub the Awning Down

Now simply spray your mixture of soap and warm water all over the awning. Then take your brush and lightly wipe it down. Where necessary, or on the more stubborn stains, simply reapply the water and soap mix and go over it again. Once you are satisfied with the awning being thoroughly cleaned then make sure to rinse it with water. Repeat the same process underneath and your outdoor awnings will look as good as new.

Apply Sealant

This is optional but highly advised. Having gone to all the trouble of cleaning it I’m sure you’d like your awning to remain so. Use a commercial sealant to protect the awning itself and if in doubt speak to a supplier who will be able to recommend the most suitable products. If you apply a quality sealant you should not need to clean your awning again for a considerable period of time, birds and weather permitting.