cleaning home

Keeping the outside of your home in pristine condition is a never-ending battle against the elements. Even during those periods of the most beautiful weather our external areas will continuously pick up dirt in the form of dust, grime, grease, pollen, grass cuttings, mud and a seemingly endless list of all the things that the world throws at them. Like most types of house maintenance, the most successful way of keeping on top of this debris is through regular cleaning

but often just thinking about the sheer amount of work this can involve can feel daunting and frankly, regularly gets pushed down the pecking order behind cleaning the interior or tackling the garden. There is, however, an incredibly easy fix to this problem

Using a Pressure Washer

Recently I bought a pressure washer and what once felt like quite a considerable chore and a job that I avoided doing as much as possible has become incredibly simple. In fact, I almost enjoy it now. They are so simple to use and unlike most forms of cleaning, there’s no elbow grease needed or a backache caused. The high pressure with which they fire out the water just blasts the dirt away with no need to scrub. Simply point and shoot and you can remove even those areas of dirt which you have neglected to clean for a long period of time. Due to their long reach, you can clean all the outside walls of your home even if it’s more than one floor high. Most of the time you won’t even need a ladder. It can be used to clean all the windows, guttering and gets into all the cracks which you would just not be able to if you were doing it by hand.

clean wallNumerous Uses

Its applications are seemingly endless. I use a pressure washer not just to clean the outside walls and windows of the house but am using it more and more for various other tasks. They are ideal for cleaning down the decking, fencing, driveway, outdoor furniture, trash cans, the BBQ and all the gardening equipment. Not only is a pressure washer good for cleaning these but it is certainly the best way to clean your vehicles. You just have to make sure that it is not set too high to avoid damage to the paint but cleaning the car this way, like most of these other tasks, has become a breeze. There is actually something strangely therapeutic about it. Not only that but it is so simple and enjoyable to do that it is one of the few tasks that the kids will want to do for you. I shouldn’t imagine that many parents have had their children beg to do the vacuuming or any other form of cleaning around the house but they seem more than happy to use the pressure washer.