Every few years it will become necessary to replace the sand in your pool filter. Over time, the edges of the sand particles degrade and become worn down decreasing their ability to intercept the contaminants that pass through the filter. In addition to this, the sand will become clogged up with debris and eventually the filter will become far less efficient. This can be easily solved by replacing the sand in your pool filter.

Whilst it is a simple process you can do yourself you are sure to want to do it properly to keep the performance of your sand pool filter as it should be and to ensure you don’t damage it. There are a great many quality pool filters to purchase if you are in need of a replacement but if you already have an adequate working pool filter then follow these steps when replacing the filter medium.

Step 1

Before you do anything you need to purchase the appropriate sand and any additional equipment that may be required such as O-rings etc. Always check with the manufacturer of the pool filter for the required grade of sand, it is certainly not a case of just any old sand will do. Quality pool equipment suppliers such as APS Rewinds can provide you with the proper grade sand used in your filter so if in doubt speak with a professional.

Step 2

Next you will need to remove the old sand. Don’t do this with your bare hands as this sand will be full of bacteria and contaminants. Scoop it out with a small shovel or, even better, if you have a heavy duty vacuum suitable to the task use that

sandStep 3

Rinse the filter out with water and leave some clean water inside it on which you will lay the new sand. Doing this minimises any damage which could be caused by the impact of the sand as it is put into the filter

Step 4

Check how much sand you will need for your filter and only use the stated amount. Over and under-filling will either cause the filter to not work properly or even damage it. Before placing any sand into the filter you will need to cover the standpipe opening. Use tape or a piece of material and an elastic band etc. and make sure this is sealed before filling. If any sand gets into this standpipe it will be returned to the swimming pool and then you will have sand deposited into it.

desertStep 5

Centre the standpipe and then fill the filter with sand. Make sure you keep the standpipe centred as you are filling. If you fill it and then realise it is not straight, then you will have to remove it causing an unneeded waste of your time. If the standpipe is not centred properly you might have big problems replacing the valve head, as well as creating stress on the pipe itself.

Step 6

Once filled replace the valve head and tighten it securely but without over-tightening as this may cause cracks. If this occurs, you will need to completely replace the filter so be careful. Finish by giving the filter a comprehensive backwash and your sand pool filter will be back to its optimum performance.