Have you ever had a long and hard day at work, just ‘one of those days’, where nothing has gone your way? Perhaps you hit every red light possible on the way home, stuck behind a learner driver, your patience running thin. You hit your head on the roof of the car as you step out, but you just stand there and take a deep breath through the nose. “You’re almost there! Just a few more feet!” Details

Time is a cruel mistress, and one that affects everything and everyone slowly and insidiously.  There is no defeating it, and ultimately the signs will start to show, no matter how hard you fight.  This is a very grandiose and slightly depressing way of saying that everything ages and eventually shows signs of wear and tear, no matter how sturdy it might initially seem to be.  Details

A kitchen renovation is a lengthy and often stressful process, given just how much there is to think about. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be quite so stressful, provided that you take the proper care and consideration before jumping in head first. In this article we’re going to explore your first steps when looking at a new benchtop so that you can make a well-informed decision when it comes to which material you choose.