If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial building, then you’re going to want to have a read of this article. Perhaps it’s a new investment and you’re in the process of finding businesses to rent the space. Or maybe you’re an established building with a thriving plot. In any case, if your building hasn’t already had tinted windows installed, then read on and we will let you know precisely why it will need sorting!

1 – It looks clean and professional

There’s nothing cleaner or finer than an office building which is covered in tinted film. This is the most professional look that you can have for an office building. This reason is purely aesthetic. Consider this: one particular office allows their employees who are sitting by a window to stick pictures on their glass when customising their space. This would create a sporadic and unsightly appearance. When all of the windows are tinted however, from the outside, the entire building will look clean and consistent.

2 – It’s the green thing to do

Are you interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your commercial building? Then having tinted windows is a great place to start. In fact, this is arguably one of the most important reasons why a commercial building needs window tinting. The UV protection in the film will significantly reduce the heat in your offices, allowing the managers to regulate the space. As such, they won’t need to be running the air conditioning units’ full blast all of the time, saving an awful lot on the overall energy consumption of the building.

3 – It boosts employee productivity

As a commercial property manager, naturally you want your tenants to thrive. This will allow the rent to be paid on time, every time and without issue. So, every little thing that you can do to ensure that productivity is at maximum can only help you in the long run. Having the windows tinted for example, will allow your tenants’ employees to work unhindered by glare on their computer screens. The knock-on effect will be the success of the business, thus the success of your building. Everyone’s a winner!

4 – It will keep your building secure

OK, so this doesn’t negate the need for having round-the-clock security, an alarm system and CCTV. However, it will certainly add to the security factor. This is because the protective film on tinted windows makes them shatter resistant and significantly harder to smash into. In addition to that, the privacy factor will significantly dissuade any would-be thieves from attempting to break in as they won’t know precisely what’s inside. It would be a shame to go to all that effort only to find themselves in an empty office, no?

5 – It’s easier than you think

A common misconception is that tinted windows means having your actual windows replaced, which would be a long and expensive job. However, this is certainly not the case. In fact, it really is as simple as having a tinted film applied to your current windows. You don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s fast, efficient and easy! All you need is to find a reputable business such as SolarGraph Glass Tinting and you’re sorted!