Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and noticed a beautiful bunch of flowers in a vase? Or various plants scattered throughout the house, trailing down the side of the wall, hanging from the ceiling or placed lovingly on the windowsill in the bathroom? We guarantee that you recall feeling good when you saw them, smiling and admiring their beauty, no doubt commenting on them to your friend. That’s because there’s nothing quite as stunning as a home filled with flowers, which is why we believe that every house should have some.

Not that you should need much convincing at all, we’re going to go ahead and list 5 of the main reasons why you should buy flowers for your home:


1 – A Natural Deodoriser & Perfume

Flowers aren’t all about what you can see and feel, but what you can smell. Flowers work wonderfully as a natural deodoriser in the home and can actually improve the smell in general with their gentle perfume. If you want people to walk into your home and be greeted with a pleasing aroma, then get on board with some fresh flowers. After all, why do you think every air-freshener on the market is floral scented? Rather than fill the air with chemicals and fumes, use flowers instead.


2 – They’re Perfect for Decorating

In every room you’ll have a certain colour theme going and there is no finer way of accentuating that then with a little flower box or a fresh bouquet in the same colours, particularly if you have guests staying.


3 – Flowers Feel Great

It’s no secret that flowers are a mood enhancer, so if you want to walk into every room with a big smile on your face then you should certainly invest in some fresh flowers and keep replacing them regularly.


4 – Bring the Outside-In

The great outdoors has many different health benefits to share with us, which is why it’s nice sometimes to bring the outdoors, inside with us instead – especially if the weather has been terrible recently. So, when the rainy season is in full effect and you’re feeling particularly blue, a few fresh flowers scattered strategically throughout the house will give you the little boost you need to get through the day!


5 – Because of Their Irrefutable Beauty

What more reason could you need to fill your home with flowers, than due to their simple yet irrefutable beauty? Flowers are wonderful, and they come in so many different shapes and sizes, so you can always keep it exciting and experiment with new styles. If you have your house or certain rooms painted neutral, you can swap out different coloured accessories now and again to chance up the mood and the flowers can be an awesome addition to that as well!