Do you have a limited budget? So you bought an old house and consider renovating it into your dream house? Good that you are one of those doers. Or are you at the consideration stage of upgrading your home involving adding space to your room and upgrading materials? Either of these, there are 2 inevitable factors that influence how your renovation project will go. One is whether it is going to take more time than expected, the other one is whether it is going to run over your budget.

If you want to ensure a project goes smoothly and successfully, not only you need a detailed cautious preparation specifically made for your own need but also a patient, easy-going mindset with your project and contractors.

There are 5 crucial questions you have to ask yourself before you start your renovation project. The answers to these questions are the keys to the cost, time and stress that the project may bring you.

Does My House Contain Asbestos

If you are renovating an old house that you bought, the first thing is to make sure if the house contains asbestos which is a harmful substance that can cause lung cancer after over-time exposure. If your house was built before the 1980s’, there is a very high chance of asbestos existence. You can hire an asbestos removal company to test and eliminate asbestos in your house before you start your project.

Can I afford How I Want It?

Budget, budget, budget. I can’t say it enough.

There are many uncompleted construction projects that fail to finish due to over-run budget. The last thing you want is the situations where you end up not being able to pay bills and afford food while your renovation project remains unfinished.

Set an adequate budget after sparing money for food and all other bills and stick to it. Of course, you expect to encounter unexpected situations that cost you a little more. But it is always a wise move to spend your money carefully because even little renovation project can add up to thousands of dollars.

time-enoughDo I Have Enough Time for It?

You don’t want to undertake your renovation project while you are very busy with work or on holiday overseas and you can’t go check your job site often. I suggest trying to go check your project on site every day if your situation allows.

Also, expect the whole project to take longer than expected, as that is always what happens. So it is a good idea to determine if you can be very flexible if your project lasts longer than you thought.

Do I Have Permissions?

Apart from the warning for your neighbors for the loud noise, you also need to find out if you need to let the council in your town know that you are altering your house. There is an inspection of your renovation after if so. Another thing is to make sure you follow the rules and regulations in your city as you don’t want to undo your work later on.

wallCan I Knock Down This Wall?

Consult professional before you decide to knock down a wall in your house because it may be supporting the roof or the load of the floor above, unlike some walls exist as a division of rooms. It may cost a little extra to consult, but it could save you potentially thousands of dollars down the road, or even the damages to the whole house.